Monday, 25 September 2017

Our final week!

  Sorry to all of you who have been missing Room 13's Blog posts! Thank you for your patience! I have now uploaded some of the exciting things we have been doing this term and promise that next term I will keep the blog regularly updated - now that I have mastered it! I wish you all a safe and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you in the new term!

Room 13's Newsbook!

This term in Room 13 we have been reading and discussing exciting articles from the Kiwikids News website! We usually do this with Mrs.Everitt on a Tuesday but sometimes with Ms. Maloni too! We have some very good discussions and share our ideas! We love getting to vote on how we rate the article! The teachers write a summary of the article and our discussions in our newsbook!

Here are a few of the things we have discussed this term:



How big is a Gigantosaurus?

We were very lucky in Room 13 to have Mrs. Clyde bring in her awesome dinosaur tooth that her son found whilst digging at the beach! Can you believe it?????
We all found it fascinating! Yi Fan discovered a book in our class library all about dinosaurs and when he was reading it he found that it had a picture which showed a dinosaur tooth which was exactly like the one Mrs.Clyde showed us!!!

He read that the tooth came from a dinosaur called the Gigantosaurus! Mrs.Clyde suggested we go outside and lay down in a long line to show just how huge the Gigantosaurus was!


A VERY special performance!

Room 13 was very lucky to have Yuxi perform for us on her violin! We all enjoyed listening to her beautiful playing and she taught us what she knows about the violin. We were very impressed with the dedication and hard work she puts in to practising her violin! You are amazing Yuxi!

Folk Dancing!

We have learned some great Folk Dancing this term as part of our Physical Education programme!
We practised and performed 'The Windows Dance' at our Junior assembly - we did so well! Ms.Maloni was very proud as it we really did our best!

Here we are in our groups - some more photos are to come of us dancing!

Week 7 - Literacy Week!!!!

We had a great time in Room 13 during Literacy week! Everyone enjoyed the workshops run by Stu Duval! He was very entertaining with his story about Huia Bay and the pirate, Captain Black Custard! We also loved learning about cartooning and all created some cool cartoons!

We enjoyed D.E.A.R - drop everything and read - it was great to stop and pick up a book and just enjoy reading when the buzzer went off!

During the week we enjoyed many stories read to us by MS.Maloni! Some were her OLD favourites from when she was a kid, such as, 'The Diggingest Dog,' 'The Story of Ping,' 'The Five Chinese Brothers,' and the new favourites, 'Baa Baa Smart Sheep' and 'I Love Lemonade.' We even wrote letters to the author and illustrator of the books and are looking forward to getting a reply from them!


The final day of Literacy Week was celebrated with a Book Character Parade! We all dressed up and enjoyed parading around for the whole school to admire our awesome costumes!

The Disco!

In week 4, some of the Room 13 students and Ms. Maloni had a great time at the school disco! There was great music and Ms. Maloni was very impressed with the dance moves!
(Sorry about the quality of the photos - I need to upgrade my phone!).